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Healthcare - Employer/Employee Group Plans

Competitive quotes from multiple carriers in your State.

  • Compare plans side-by-side reading thru riders of each plan

  • Compare deductibles, co-pay amount, and coverage

  • Employer:employee contributions monthly

  • Change terms, number of employees, covereage -- and see changes in monthly premiums

  • Compare On-Exchange (federal marketplace) or Off-Exchange (open market) plans

Group insurance covers a defined group of people; e.g., a society or professional association, or the employees of a particular business. Group coverage premiums are typically split between employer:employee insured.  And costs can actually be lower by grouping individuals together which allows insurance companies to give lower rates to companies: "Providing large volume of business to insurance companies gives us greater bargaining power resulting to cheaper group rates."

Healthcare - Employer and Group Plans - Supplemental 

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