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Tax-Advantaged Retirement and Legacy Planning Programs for the Business Owners and Executives

Exit Strategies, Asset and Income Protection Planning Programs

As a business owner, you bear the burden of many different stresses each and everyday. Some of those stresses are surely related to the security of your company’s future as well as establishing financial security for your family.


Rise Financial specializes in helping business owners with various aspects of their financial picture. Our holistic approach provides complete solutions for our valued clients focused on service to create better client relationships. We can design, implement and service comprehensive solutions like company owned life insurance for key person and key employees, advance business succession planning and exit strategies, long term care and disability income protection. We can help create a customized program specific to your financial goals.


We would brainstorm with you and give you an outline as to what we see as your problem areas and show you how we could address them. Through our no-cost risk-free needs analysis process , we will develop personalized strategies that can help you:


  • Increase and preserve wealth

  • Protect your business and your income

  • Attract and retain valued key employees

  • Create an exit strategy for your business

  • Protect your family’s lifestyle

  • Increase your retirement income

  • Reduce your tax liability

  • Maximize your estate holdings

  • Leave a legacy to your family

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